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Table 1 This table outlines the predicted and observed values for a chromosome to contain at 1 SCE within a chromosome, at least 2 SCE within a chromosome, or 2 SCE events within 15 megabases

From: Role of LET and chromatin structure on chromosomal inversion in CHO10B2 cells

  Average’Number’of’ SCE’per’21’ Chromosomes Average’Number’of’ Chromosomes’with’1’ SCE’ Number’of’ Chromosomes’with’ at’least’2’SCE’ Number’of’ Chromosomes’with’2’ SCE’within’15’Mb
Predicted’Number’ N/A’ N/A’ 2.14’ 0.549’
Observed’Number’ 11.3’ 0.513’ 2.2’ 0.52’
  1. The predicted values where calculated using a Poisson distribution, using the cumulative odds for each value.