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Table 3 Telomere length measurement in primary human cells measured by Flow-FISH

From: Analysis of telomere length and function in radiosensitive mouse and human cells in response to DNA-PKcs inhibition

  Telomere length in (kb)
  Untreated Treated % change
GM08399 (WT) 5.97 ± 4.25 4.42 ± 4.02 26
CJ179 (Art) 5.00 ± 3.82 3.94 ± 3.60 21
F01-240 (Art) 6.69 5.04 25
  1. The TFI units (see Figure 4) were converted into kb using the standardized formula (see material and methods). The decline in telomere length in DNA-PKcs inhibited samples was observed following 24-hours of treatment. The TFI were measured from at least four independent experiments (except from one experiment for F01-240) before the mean TFI’s were converted into kb. Mean Telomere length is shown ± s.d.