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Table 1 Telo-FISH analysis of two mouse cell lines treated with inhibitor of DNA-PKcs

From: Analysis of telomere length and function in radiosensitive mouse and human cells in response to DNA-PKcs inhibition

  Frequency (event/cell)
Cell Line Metaphases Scored RB fusion Telomeric Fusions Breaks/Fragments
Untreated (DMSO) 213 0.037b± 0.012 0.075b± 0.021 0.056
Treated (DNA-PKcsi) 201 0.088a± 0.048 0.279a± 0.011 0.277
Untreated (DMSO) 189 0.159b± 0.025 0.126b± 0.003 0.140
Treated (DNA-PKcsi) 200 0.249a± 0.046 0.410a± 0.027 0.212
  1. Frequency of Robertsonian fusion, end-to-end telomeric fusions and DNA-DSB/fragments were recorded from two independent experiments in the LY-R and LY-S cell lines. The inhibition was induced for 24 -hour period before metaphase preparation. DMSO was used as control treatment. In each experiment at least 100 metaphases were scored (except in LY-S untreated). S.D. was used as measure of dispersion from the mean.
  2. a The difference in mean event/cell between untreated and treated cell lines are significant (p < 0.05).
  3. b The difference in mean event/cell between untreated cell lines are significant (p < 0.0001).