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Table 3 Gene expression changes in cell adhesion and extracellular matrix pathway.

From: Differential regulation of intracellular factors mediating cell cycle, DNA repair and inflammation following exposure to silver nanoparticles in human cells

IMR-90 U251
Gene Genbank ID Fold change Gene Genbank ID Fold change
ITGA2 NM_002203 2.32 ITGA5 NM_002205 1.55
CTNNA1 NM_001903 1.01 SPP1 NM_000582 1.28
MMP3 NM_002422 0.40 LAMA4 NM_002290 0.24
ITGA11 NM_012211 -0.83 ADAMTS1 NM_006988 0.26
SGCE NM_003919 -0.49 TGFBI NM_000358 1.44
COL6A1 NM_001848 -0.27 SGCE NM_003919 -0.30
LAMA4 NM_002290 -0.27 MMP2 NM_004530 0.29
ADAMTS1 NM_006988 -0.21    
  1. Differential expression of genes in IMR-90 and U251 cells are indicated in the table. All values are normalised against housekeeping genes. Fold change is calculated as mentioned in table 1.